SPLIT is an exercise programme that gives you the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Getting the right balance of activities in life is essential for good mental and physical wellbeing. What this balance entails will vary from person to person, but most would agree that it should include some work, some play, some downtime and some physical activity.

Focusing on three main workouts, SPLIT stands for Strength, Performance, and Interval Training; balanced in the middle by Life

The free 12-week SPLIT programme includes strength training to improve muscle tone and definition and interval training to increase cardiovascular fitness. Further advice, focused on improving your performance and reaching your individual goals, can be found on the SPLIT blog, while individual workouts for different areas of your body -including legs, glutes, back and chest Рcan be found in the workouts section.

Working to short, medium and long term goals, the 12-week online programme aims to make sure participants remain motivated and focused on their targets to achieve results.

About Josie Gurney-Read

Having started her career as a journalist and editor at The Telegraph, Josie qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer in 2017 following years of interest in health, wellbeing and personal development. Following her qualification, she began developing advice features and workout programmes.

Josephine Gurney-Read

She launched SPLIT in order to share this information, and now creates 12-week online programmes focused on building muscle and getting stronger.

She wholeheartedly believes in maintaining balance in life, which is why one of the fundamental elements of SPLIT is finding a fitness regime that suits you. A healthy lifestyle should be something everyone aims to achieve, but exercise and nutrition should never impact happiness and mental wellbeing.

She hopes that the SPLIT programme will eventually give all gym goers the confidence they need to discover what works for them, and the belief that they can achieve results.

Josie is a YMCA accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer and a member of The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). If you have any questions or feedback on anything you’ve read here, get in contact.
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